More Than Just Kicking and Punching

Imagine an activity than can develop more than just the ability to throw a power punch or a super high kick ... an activity that encourages the development of the key life skills of confidence, self-esteem, communication and more.

Many parents have little or no experience of the martial arts and for some the image conjured up is one of violence and danger for kids. Upon closer inspection, however, many find that their kids will reap an innumerable amount of benefits from participation especially from a VERVE Martial Arts club.

In addition to busting sedentary habits and getting kids in shape, VERVE martial arts instruction also helps kids learn ten valuable lessons -

1. The Importance of Confidence – Success is dependent upon confidence and self-assurance in so many areas of life, and it's imperative for kids to gain such traits. Mastering new techniques in martial arts training will help your child to become more confident and slowly gain faith in their abilities, making them more confident and self-assured in general.

2. The Benefits of Being Physically Active – The dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and the attendant risks of childhood obesity are well-documented, but all martial arts training will require your child to be physically active and fit. Learning the importance of a healthy, active body can inspire your child to make real changes in their lifestyle, helping to make them more focused on fitness and health in many areas.

3. Determination and Dedication – In order to ascend through the ranks and earn new belts, kids that study the martial arts must exhibit dedication and determination. Learning to set and achieve new goals through hard work and dedication is one of the most valuable skills that a child can take away from their VERVE Martial Arts club.

4. To Manage Disappointment in Healthy Ways – No matter how dedicated they are or how hard your child tries, there's a good chance that they'll be disappointed by a failure to advance or a mistake that they make during training. Rather than shielding your child from these feelings, you can use the opportunity as a valuable teaching experience, helping them learn to manage that disappointment in healthy ways.

5. How to Avoid Physical Confrontation – Action heroes in summer blockbuster films may attack their opponents with style and gusto, but real life just isn't like the movies. In reality, your child will be taught how to peacefully diffuse a volatile situation and to avoid physical force altogether unless it's absolutely necessary for defence.

6. Working With a Partner or As Part of a Team – many of the VERVE Martial Arts classes, will require kids to work with a partner to hone their skills and advance. Working together or as part of a team to learn skills and master their technique helps kids learn the value of teamwork, a principle that they can apply to any number of situations as they gets older – the learning of life skills as we call them.

7. Increased Social Skills – Even if your child doesn't choose a VERVE Martial Arts programme that requires much work with a partner or group, the act of spending an hour or so each week with the same people and interacting in a controlled environment often helps shy kids come out of their shells.

8. How to Respect Authority Figures – Regardless of the style, a great martial arts instructor will command absolute respect from his or her young students. This respect for a particular authority figure can easily extend to a respect for authority in general, especially when the focus of classes emphasizes this concept.

9. To Listen Effectively – It's impossible to learn proper technique and improve martial arts skills if you can't listen to the instructor carefully, which is why training in the martial arts can have such a strong impact on kids' listening skills as a whole.

10. The Importance of Self-Restraint and Discipline – The basic tenets of VERVE martial arts place a strong emphasis on discipline and self-restraint. Willful, stubborn kids that struggle with their impulse control can benefit greatly in the hands of a seasoned VERVE instructor.

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