VERVE Instructor Affiliation

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Would you like access to our VERVE instructor affiliation programme?

What does it give you access too?

✅ exclusive access to our pre-order sparring equipment launches
 30% off VERVE branded kit
✅ access to our affiliation network of instructors and resources
✅ Use of our VERVE logo
✅ Emailed Syllabus on pdf
✅ Digital posters, banners and adverts to help promote your classes & events
✅ Emailed 60+ games & drills pdf to help you make sessions fun, varied & productive
✅ Training courses - includes 'kick-back' incentive
✅ Workshops & seminars   - includes 'kick-back' incentive
✅ Fight Nights & Competitions - includes 'kick-back' incentive
✅ coloured belt certificates
✅ black belt examinations & certification
✅ customised VERVE embroidered black belts
✅ instructor insurance 
✅ student licensing 

… and more!

To register your interest & book your telephone call with Master John Swift, email your contact details to our office -