VERVE ASTROS - Martial Arts for Kids - Instructor Package

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Would you like access to our specific martial arts for kids Astros programme & help teach our super 4-6yr old classes?

The package includes -
✅ NEW 4-6yrs kids specific syllabus to provide structure as well as challenge the students
✅ NEW poster designs to help promote classes
✅ NEW VERVE Astros NINJA - 10+ designs for your newsletters and marketing material
✅ NEW animated GIFS for use on your social media stories
✅ NEW 60+ skills & drills doc to help keep classes fresh
✅ NEW ‘word of the day’ images
✅ NEW ‘fun facts & wise words’ images
✅ NEW stickers designs to give away in your classes
Note - this price is for a limited time only so be sure to order yours ASAP!
Interested in licencing with VERVE Martial Arts and / or using our VERVE certification?
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