About Us

The Verve name, brand and logo we carry today was officially inaugurated on March 23rd 2006 with the successful launch of our martial arts equipment brand. It now plays host to a number of exciting services from equipment distribution to the development of instructors and club owners, competitions, events, seminars and much more!

What is with the retro circles in the logo?

Not everyone notices at first glance but at a closer look you will see the 3 circles making up the lower legs, a larger circle in the upper body containing yin-yang to represent the closed stance arms and a last circle for the head - collectively configured so as to suggest someone bowing and showing respect!

In an industry synonymous with loyalty VERVE is a brand built on a family focus of good quality, affordability and exceptional service, from this - our mission statement and slogan was born! 

.............................. VERVE - Beyond All Boundaries .............................. 

Hey, my name is John Swift and I am the director at VERVE MARTIAL ARTS

Firstly, thank you for taking an interest in us and our family focused martial arts group!

The development of our brand has been nothing short of phenomenal and I feel really fortunate to have been able to contribute to the development of such a well respected and admired brand in VERVE Martial Arts!

We have the global privilege of meeting, training and distributing to some of the great martial arts pioneers as well as some of the very best martial arts clubs, schools and academies around!

I hope you enjoy the website and VERVE brand, which has been inspired by so many, and we look forward to working a long side you in the near future and helping you achieve your goals!

"Our VERVE brand and group has achieved phenomenal feats and the exciting thing of all ...

... we have only just begun!"

More about the man

Having dedicated over 20 years of his life to the development of his vision Mr Swift, or Mr VERVE as some call him, has become an established martial artist, author, entrepreneur, business consultant and, most proudly, a humble family man.

He has built a fantastic support team and an enviable network of people dedicated to the development of the VERVE brand.

With worldwide recognition for his high standards, achievements and knowledge Mr Swift has a real visionary focus for success and is set to be at the forefront of the martial arts industry for years to come!